The principals and staff at Liberty Property & Asset Management offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of the management, maintenance and construction of commercial properties. In fact, many of our most experienced professionals offer over 25 years of experience in the industry.



Liberty Property & Asset Management offers a full array of services including physical maintenance, accounting, financial reporting, construction management, lease audits, lease administration, asset evaluation, receivership, leasing and brokerage.


Due to economies of scale, properties managed by Liberty Property & Asset Management enjoy substantial savings on essential services such as landscaping, snow removal, property insurance and general maintenance. We are careful to not only cut operating costs but to also properly vet and hire the best possible vendors for the job at hand.




Due to our extensive industry knowledge and experience, the principals of Liberty Property & Asset Management approach every assignment by focusing on the long-term value of the property from an owner’s perspective. Our approach is designed to increase value year after year by retaining tenants, increasing service and lowering costs.


As a management firm, our mandate is to maximize the cash flow of the properties under our control by minimizing operating expenses while providing the highest level of responsive service to building occupants, thus maximizing the long-term value of the property in question.




Our management team collaborates closely with our brokerage arm, L. Mason Capitani CORFAC International, one of the most prominent and well-established commercial brokerage firms in Michigan. When taken as a whole, the combined menu of services offered by brokerage and property management is unmatched in the market.